July 30 ( Sat ) - July 31 ( Sun ) , 2022

NTUH International Convention Center

Cheng-Tang Chiu, MD, AGAF


The Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of The Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan (DEST), it’s my greatest honor to declare that the 8th Annual Congress of DEST (DEST 2022) will be held at the NTUH International Conventional Center, Taipei, Taiwan on July 30 and 31, 2022. I sincerely welcome all of you to attend this remarkable event.

Our local and international organizing and scientific committee are dedicated to ensure the congress will be satisfying for all who attend. Your kind participation and contribution will be most appreciated to make this congress a great success.

The program of DEST 2022 will include the update topics and recent advances of a variety of hot endoscopic fields:

  • Endoscopic intervention for GERD and Barrett’s esophagus
  • Endoscopic diagnosis of UGI early cancer
  • Management for morbid obesity
  • How to measure quality and improve patient outcomes in ERCP service?
  • EUS: maximize tissue acquisition and beyond
  • Endoscopic evaluation and management of pancreatobiliary malignancies
  • Emerging Issues in Colorectal Cancer Screening in Taiwan
  • Post-colonoscopy/polypectomy surveillance
  • How to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of your colonic ESD?
  • Future of Endoscopy Training
  • Live demonstration

We are also delighted to welcome several world-renowned experts in the field of GI endoscopy from the USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan as the special guests to deliver state-of-art presentations and inspiring discussions.

I am sure that every participant will be filled with the cutting edge knowledge in the DEST 2022.

I hope all of you will find the 8th Annual Congress of DEST a splendid and exciting event and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the congress.

Cheng-Tang Chiu, M.D.
The Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan

Han-Mo Chiu, MD, PhD

Chairman, DEST 2022

National Taiwan University Hospital

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am pleased to announce that the Annual Meeting of the Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan (DEST2022) will be held at National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center over two days, from July 30 (Saturday) to July 31 (Sunday), 2022. The meeting will take place against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, with people worldwide continuing to recover from this unprecedented threat to our health and lives. In this context, people are more concerned about their health and possible diseases than ever.

Building on the success of previous meetings, the main theme of DEST2022 is “Delivering quality outcomes in gastrointestinal endoscopy practice”, which addresses the expectations of the public, health care payers, and professional communities. Thanks to advances in optical technology and materials science, we can now offer endoscopy services featuring high accuracy and minimal invasiveness. Recent advances in artificial intelligence and data science have further revolutionized research, diagnosis, and treatment in this field. However, it remains largely unclear whether the endoscopy services facilitated by such technologies offer equivalently high quality service and positive health outcomes for our patients.

The program is already shaping up to be excellent with respect to its main theme, and the meeting will provide a valuable opportunity to exchange and share not only cutting-edge knowledge in the field of endoscopy research but also thoughts concerning how high-quality endoscopic services should be delivered. We have also invited global leaders in individual subfields of endoscopy to deliver keynote lectures on quality endoscopy practice and the paradigm shift in endoscopic training.

The live demonstration course, one of the most exciting and interesting events included in the DEST meeting, will take place on July 30 via broadcast from National Taiwan University Cancer Center, Taipei Veteran General Hospital, and New Taipei Municipal Tucheng Hospital. In this course, renowned endoscopy experts throughout Taiwan will share their skillful procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you to an inspiring, educational, and enjoyable program both in Taipei and virtually.

Han-Mo Chiu, MD, PhD
Chairman, DEST 2022
The Digestive Endoscopy Society of Taiwan